This week on The Type A Creative we have Sonia Ruyts and Kimberly Rich chatting about what it’s like to write a book while running a business. Both Sonia and Kim are coaches that work with creatives, they both host their own podcasts, and they both are fighting for time to finally write their book already!

On this episode we talk about:

  • Do eBooks count as books?
  • Personal writing vs. writing about other people
  • When do you start the editing process?
  • How does your Type A hinder of help you get that book on paper


About Sonia Ruyts

Sonia Ruyts is the founder of multiple successful businesses and is an influencer in the creative community.  As a leading creative consultant, Sonia helps her clients gain clarity and focus around their big dreams.  She is a fellow podcast enthusiast and hosts her own show, Stash — which features creative conversations with makers and doers. Sonia is a sought after guest contributor, and is working on her first book.

Sonia Ruyts is a former pastry chef turned stay at home mama turned creative entrepreneur.  In 2011 she took the leap into small business ownership and opened Stash, a boutique yarn shop in Oregon.  Now she’s embarking on a new adventure: helping her creative clients gain clarity and focus around their big dreams.

Sonia’s Book: The Yarn Story Collection: a year of yarn

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About Kimberly Rich

Kimberly is a Success Coach and Lifestyle Designer. She work with aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs who dream big and want a business and lifestyle that reflects and supports those dreams.

She’s also the host behind The Bold Life Movement, a podcast devoted to living a bigger bolder life, and she’s working on a book.

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