This week is all about my favorite things — SYSTEMS. Especially as Type A people, we can all feel like we have too many pots boiling, and we’re behind and letting life happen to us. Today on the show I have one of my favorite business friends Paige Buck, and we’re talking about the systems and hacks we have in place to create a highly efficient life.  

In this show we’re talking about: 

  • How to run meetings for your team to be the most efficient 
  • How to be a good boss as a Type A and use systems to take care of your team 
  • How to take control, stop letting weekends happen TO YOU, and live your best life 
  • Programs that we love that help make things run efficiently 
  • Creating a schedule that gives you the day and weekend you actually want 


About Paige Buck

Paige Buck is a co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Kennedy Events — a San Francisco & New York based event planning company, that focuses on producing conferences, galas, cultural & community gatherings. As someone who has been in events for over 20 years, she’s a creative problem solver, and a Type A planner of the utmost degree. 

As someone who thrives on using technology to build community, Paige loves helping her clients plug in to the latest social media and mobile tools. Paige is also a fellow systems geek who LOVES creating systems to optimize her life. I asked her to come by the show today so we could all do a hard toggle into our left brains and get super geeky about some hard-core systems.  

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