UGH, perfectionism can be the death of our creative projects. A lot of us Type A Creatives have a good dose of perfectionism that keeps us from creating good work or showing up in the world as our whole selves. Today I’m chatting with Misty Bradley, photographer, and coach about how perfectionism shows up in our lives, and why it’s so hard to fight it.

We talk about:


  • How perfectionism can really show up in our homes and where we live specifically (weird right!?)
  • How distillation might be at the root of perfectionism, and it’s really our expansive nature that has a hard time being narrowed into one or two things
  • Fighting the desire to have things perfect, yet the desire to keep things interesting, fun and full of light

More about Misty: 

Misty Bradley is a guide + visionary for creative souls who crave more beauty and meaning. Misty has a few ways she working with people these days — she offers to coach, she’s a portrait photographer, and also the host of the  “We are the REVELERS podcast.  Misty helps people make their significant mark on the world while creating their most revel-worthy life. 

Links To A Few Things We Talk About On the Show: 


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