As people, we grow and change, but as a Type A — stepping out into the unknown and taking a risk can be really scary, especially if we don’t understand how to organize it, define it and structure it.  On this episode, we’re talking to motivational speaker Kathlyn Hart about to evolve a career, and the steps she’s taking as she’s in the middle of her own career evolution.  

About Kathlyn Hart:  

Kathlyn Hart is a motivational speaker and host of The Big Leap Show podcast. In the past few years, Kat has been BUSY. She’s doubled her salary through some killer salary negotiation, she saved over $16,000 to travel the world, and she’s created a six-figure passive income business. Currently, she’s working on launching a new project helping women negotiate bigger salaries and being brave when it comes to getting paid. Kat is a woman on a mission to support and empower other women with dream big and live boldly. 

I thought she would be great to have her on the podcast today since she’s in the midst of an evolution. Three years ago, she was known for The Big Leap show — for pushing women to create big bold leaps in their lives and careers. But now, she’s passionate about helping women stop leaving money on the table and negotiating their worth. And while publically evolving as a creative and as an artist can feel totally embarrassing, I think she’s doing it with grace and ease. I wanted to invite her on the show today to talk about her blend from one focus to another, and what other Type As — who often don’t like that messy middle — can glean from her experience.  


On this Episode we talk about: 

  • How to manage the messy middle of evolving and not really knowing where you are going 
  • When change is good, and when it’s a distraction 
  • How fear can come into play when we’re thinking about making big changes, creating big changes, or owning big goals 

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