One of the things about being a creative in business is that as your business grows, so does your relationship to the work. Growing a team can mean that you might not be opening the files as open often as you once were. Today on the show I have Kathleen Shannon, a creative powerhouse, talking about how she’s grown, established good teams, hired other creatives, and managed creatives. 

On the show we talk about: 

  • Managing your own creativity vs. managing creatives 
  • What it’s like to be a creative leader 
  • Are hobbies a real thing? 
  • Art vs. creativity and how labels can help us or hurt us 


About Kathleen: 

Kathleen Shannon is the co-host of the Being Boss Podcast for Creative Entrepreneurs and the co-founder of Braid Creative where she helps creatives and organizations blend their personality into the work they want to be known for. Kathleen currently lives in Oklahoma City with her husband and their three-year-old son Fox.  

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