Juliet is also someone that I have collaborated with over the years at my brand strategy studio,  Prim’d Marketing. It’s been great to watch her business move from a branding-centric focus, over to pattern design, with Juliet becoming primarily known for her own original artwork. I thought she would be great to have come by the show so we can talk a bit about how to bring more of your art into your business, so you’re creating the kinds of work you enjoy vs. just fulfilling client briefs.

In this Episode we talk about:

  • Moving from being a designer creating logos for clients to being known for your own artistic fingerprint
  • How to get started on a creative practice or a 100 Day Project
  • How watercolor can be a really relaxing medium, especially for Type A
  • How to develop your own artistic fingerprint and evolve into a style you want to be known for
  • Finding a passion that you like so much you don’t care if other people don’t like it
  • The difference between work for clients and creating your own work
  • Saying no to styles of work that you don’t want to be known for, even when you’re worried that you need the money
  • Promoting your own work versus hustling to land clients
  • How to let your audience into your process to garner interest, instead of narcissistically promoting your work
  • How to get started in pattern design

About Juliet Meeks:

Juliet Meeks is the designer behind Juliet Meeks Design, a boutique branding and design studio that specializes in surface pattern design. She’s  based in of New Orleans, a vibrant southern city with an abundance of history and color inspiration.

Juliet is inspired by creating with her hands, vintage textiles, and might be best known for her vibrant watercolors of organic shapes found in nature — especially florals. She’s done collaborations with great brands like Birch Box and Design Sponge

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Other Things in this Episode: