“How do we as human beings deal with societal issues, when there is a lot of divergence around those societal issues?”


About Jay Sherer:

Jay is the head writer for his short film, Star Wars: Rivals, his forthcoming book Death of a Bounty Hunter  and forthcoming comic Lawless: The Demise. He is also a producer for all of those projects and the host of the Story Geeks Podcast. Three of Jay’s short film scripts have placed within the top ten in the 168 Film Project’s Write of Passage screenplay competition (two of them placed in the top ten in the same year!). He has published several short stories in different science fiction anthologies, and written and  produced 3 short films.

In his career life, Jay has been a founder of several startups, lead marketing teams, as well as currently overseeing is the Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Azusa Pacific University.


In this Episode:

In this episode Jay and Jenni talk about the point of art — who is it for, and how do we know when we’re doing a good job? Jay’s view toward art is almost philosophical, and he brings a sociological, political and spiritual lens to why we need to create meaningful work, and push for larger impact with our creations.

A few brilliant things that Jay said in this episode:

  •  “With the expansion of the internet, we’re being exposed to things that we’ve never been exposed to before. With the proliferation of information, I can put something out there and get thousands of people to agree with me.” 
  • There is an ugly thing going on in the world, because of the ways we engage in conversation, there are no good discussion happening. Most people are putting their viewpoints out in altruisms, rhetoric, and propaganda, and it’s tough to hear each other.” 
  • “It’s really about breaking down the viewpoints we have, and find common ground, and have meaningful conversations around the viewpoints that fall into the gray.” 
  • “The vehicle of art can make people consider or reconsider new perspectives, which makes art more important than ever.” 


Dig in Deeper:

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Weird for Story: https://www.amazon.com/Wired-Story-Writers-Science-Sentence/dp/1607742454/ 


Connect with Jay Sherer:

Reclamation Society – https://www.reclamationsociety.org/ 

The Story Geeks – https://www.reclamationsociety.org/story-geeks-podcast/ 

Reclamation Society Videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtQTzJHWMf7usEx7VBXTFLA 

Star Wars: Rivals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrqWoTLRzCw