When most of us think of a creative practice, it’s tempting to imagine sitting in a beautiful room, painting the hours away, or lost in writing. But if you’re a mom you know that’s basically a joke.

On this episode we discuss:

What it’s really like to be a working professional + mom + fighting for a creative practice.

About Erica

Erica is both a creative and a stay-at-home mom to 13-month-old Nathan. She spent many years working as a copy editor and content coach, but after Nathan was born, she gave herself permission to go deeper.

These days, she’s most interested in helping creatives get out of their heads and into their lives, finding ways to honor who they are and what they want as they work to bring their strongest selves to all they do.

About Jackie

Jackie is a career Accountant who has recently discovered the artist within. Her journey of self-discovery has been an invitation to embrace her true, beautiful self. She has worked as a Finance Specialist for Cru for 9 years and became a CPA in 2011. She loves to laugh and will do almost anything for Oreos and ice cream. Jackie lives in Orlando FL with her husband, John, and 3 kids – Olivia (5), JT (3) and Ethan (2).


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