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Building a creative practice or an artistic business is something that we know might take a long time. But when we get into the dailyness of writing the book, building the business or creating the audience — it takes SO much longer than we expect! Most of us just want to know that we’re on the right path, even if we’re going super slow. So if you’re crawling through your creative project, this one goes out to you! 

  • The process of writing her first book and how she started with just an idea (one that she didn’t even want to say out loud!) 
  • The difference between having space on your calendar vs. mental and emotional space between commitments and projects 
  • What are realistic expectations for ourselves as creatives (and as we get older) 
  • The Adobe Creative Residency program 
  • An “idea savings account” and how it can save your butt when you’re feeling overwhelmed  
  • How everything takes so much longer than we ever expected 


About Becky Simpon: 

Becky Simpson is the founder of Chipper Things, a paper and lifestyle brand that celebrates friendship and play. Becky is an incredibly multi-talented creative — she’s an art director, illustrator, graphic designer, author and speaker.

She was one of the inaugural Adobe Creative Residents (2015-2016). During this time, she built and launched Chipper Things —  and shared her process along the way.  

She is also the both author and illustrator of two books: I’d Rather Be Short and The Roommate Book. 


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