Burn out and adrenal fatigue are super real, for both Type As and non-Type As. We’ve talked about Type A Creative Burn Out in earlier episodes, but today we are taking on the clinical side of being super driven with acupuncturist and energy worker, Amy Kurtesky. Amy is sharing some of the perspectives she has to offer from Chinese Medicine to look at systems and patterns that happen in your body when you’re hustling on all cylinders.  

 In this Episode We Talk About: 

  • The Chinese Medicine symptomology patterns that we see in Type As 
  • How your liver might be waaaaay more important than you’d ever realized, especially if you’re a driven person 
  • We talk all about my acupuncturist and the questions that I wish I could ask him 
  • How your pulse might be revealing more than you think it is 
  • What is pattern diagnosis and how that might help you as a Type A Creative 
  • Things you can do as a Type A to manage ways that stress or burn out can build up in your body 

About Amy Kuretsky: 

Amy Kuretsky is a health coach and acupuncturist working in Minneapolis, MN. Her passion is helping creative entrepreneurs become their healthiest selves without sacrificing their love of the hustle in the process. She wholeheartedly believes that deep down YOU know what’s best for you and your body, and her work as a coach is all about helping you better tap into that inner wisdom and find your own unique brand of work + life balance.

Find Amy Online:  

Constellation Acupuncture in Minneapolis 

Amy Kuretsky — Health Coaching 

 Amy Kuretsky on Instagram