So what is a “Type A Creative,”really? On this episode, I have two of my MOST Type A friends come on the show and discuss the finer points of being a Type A.

On this episode we cover:
  1. – What exactly is a Type A
  2. – How to find a balance between that need for planning and creativity
  3. – Who really is in charge around here—the left brain or the right brain?

Now there’s that smile that’s inspiring everyone under the sun!

About Becca Piastrelli:
Becca Piastrelli is a women’s coach, formally known as The Dabblist. She’s spent the last 5 years bringing women together, teaching them the value of creating with their hands, and riches that can be found in creating a meaningful sisterhood. She is also a fellow podcaster. The Lunar Lab is a podcast for conscious business owners that explores balancing your spirits and your spreadsheets without losing our mind.


About Megan Flatt:
Megan Flatt the founder of MamaCEO club, is a business consultant and time management strategist for mom business owners who want to grow their dream businesses while remaining present in the day-to-day lives of their kids. She also has a new exciting podcast out called the Mama Advantage, where she’s exploring how motherhood might not be the disadvantage that it’s painted to be and instead might be super secret weapon.


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