Join us in our creation of a Creative Mixtape!



We’re doing something oh-so-brand-new in Season 3. We’re making a Creative Mix Tape out of your submitted work! We’ll choose 10 – 15 creatives to come onto the show, share about their process, and then listen to their creations.


  • Each episode will include at 15 -20 minute interview with the artist, discovering the behind-the-artwork stories of your inspiration, vision, and process.
  • If selected, we’ll have you record a reading of your work (if it’s a written piece) to be shared following your interview. It’s sort of like a journal publication….for your ears!


  • Essays (or essay excerpts for longer pieces)
  • Short Stories
  • Poems (multiple submissions ok)
  • Spoken Word
  • Audio-Essays or Podcasts (excerpts for longer pieces)
  • Songs
  • Plays (excerpts for longer pieces)
  • Novel or Memoir Excerpts
  • Any artwork that can be consumed in an audio format

AND, we’re doing a “visual arts” episode, so we are also looking for:

  • Illustrations
  • Digital Artwork
  • Painting
  • Any artwork that can be consumed in a visual medium


Yes! With the help of Stephanie McKenna’s Fleurot deck, we pulled a card to give us a theme for this season. The card we pulled was all about mystery, subconscious, dreams and illusion. 

How might you translate this into your work? You can submit work on:

  • things you’ve learned in the darkness of night
  • truths that were inside of you that you weren’t aware of
  • exploring your shadow side
  • universal feelings as a part of the human experience
  • however, you interpret mystery, dreams, subconscious and illusion (yes, you can submit something funny!)


Submission deadline:  Friday, February 8, 2019
  • Content shouldn’t be longer 25 minutes when read out loud (that’s approximately 3,000 – 3,500 words).
  • Your submission can be one or more essay(s), multiple short stores, multiple poems, or a mix — so long as its less than 25 minutes in length
  • Content does not have to be a full 25 minutes worth of audio, so please still submit even if you have something small!
  • If you’re submitting written content, submit your files in .PDF or .doc format. Google Docs are accepted as well, but please ensure that your share settings are set appropriately. You do not have to convert your work into audio to submit—if your piece is selected we’ll send you instructions on how to record it for the podcast!
  • If you’re submitting a podcast excerpt or spoken word piece, submit your audio files in mp3 format.
  • You’ll retain all copyright to your work or pieces. 
  • Pieces that have been previously published elsewhere are fine, just please note or link to the original publication.

Have any questions? Send us an email! jenni@thetypeacreative (dot) com