In this episode we talk about:

  • What does Stephanie think of when she hears “Type A”
  • Stephanie’s day job, creating custom stationery for weddings
  • Her new project of creating a floral Tarot deck, called Fleurot
  • The artists that paved the way for her to pursue her desire to create a Tarot deck
  • How creating the deck allowed her to learn even more about Tarot
  • The idea that, for multi-passionate people, the places where our passions intersect are where things get interesting
  • How her stationery design background helped inform the design & creation of Fleurot
  • Stephanie’s 100 day projects & how they allowed her to learn more about different types of flowers
  • The structure of Fleurot and how she she blends the Victorian Language of Flowers with the traditional Rider-Waite Tarot deck
  • Her creative process for Fleurot & how she utilized her love of spreadsheets throughout
  • How she connects the Tarot deck back to her stationery business
  • Her experience with creating her product vs. selling it
  • Why she decided to do a limited release & is not using a publisher at first
  • What the catch phrase for Stephanie’s left brain would be

Mentioned In This Episode:

Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans
Pagan Otherworlds Tarot by Uusi
Emily Wapnick TED Talk


About Stephanie:  

I’m passionate about helping committed couples curate a visual language that perfectly represents their unique love, so that they can share it loudly and proudly with their community. I believe that no two couples are alike, and that event stationery should reflect that individuality!

With a background in Graphic Design and branding, I thrive in the challenge to create stationery that is not only beautiful, but heartfelt. Something that perfectly represents what your love is all about, and the ritual of your union.


Connect with Stephanie:

On Her Website
Her Floral Tarot Deck – Pre-Sale open through July 15th
On Her Bowerbird Atelier Instagram
On Her Fleurot Deck Instagram


About The Type A Creative Podcast:

The Type A Creative is for those of us who feel like walking juxtapositions. You know who you are. You can balance spreadsheets just as easily as you can design a logo. Sometimes it’s a little disorienting because you’re a left-brain / right-brain blend that doesn’t always fit into the labels of “artist” or “numbers person.”

On the show we bring in fellow bosses, painters, creative directors, film makers, entrepreneurs, and writers — together we’re having conversations about what it is to be both Type A and Creative.

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