Can you believe it — we’ve created an entire season! In this final episode of Season One, Jenni Heffernan Brown sits down her BFF Emily Holmes to talk about this first season of the podcast. We get clips from the top 5 episodes, what we’ve learned, themes that come up across the show, and of course, lots of laughs.

We talk about:

  • Major questions that this Season brought up for us, like “How do you allow your self to just be done with something before it’s “perfect.?”
  • The difference between values and goals and why that matters when you’re making art.
  • Perfectionism is a lot about fear, but it’s also about a deep desire of being seen and being known.
  • Living in the future vs living in the now
  • Being a Type A and being a bitch — are those the same thing? And do we care if we’re being a bitch?
  • Making work vs selling work — these are very different parts of the process and can need separate parts of the brain to hold each part


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