About Lauren
Lauren is former web developer and New Orleans based artist, who love sharing her paintings and the process around those paintings. She was a web developer at the time we met, who was also working on some painting projects and cultivating her artistic practice.
Several months ago we had a conversation several weeks ago about cultivating a creative practice, and how do you balance your work with your artistic life. Lauren was at a crossroads several months ago: does she get a job bagging groceries and working on her art, or does she develop her own web design company to support her while she’s trying to work on her paintings?
In this episode we discuss:
– Full-time art vs. part-time art
– How taking risks can affect your big life circumstances
– Selling your art is a full time job (even when you’ve left your full-time job to do art)
– Hitting the page daily is essential
Where can you find Lauren
Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk: