Kristen Estes is the CEO of Moonwalker Digital, a web design agency that specializes in building online platforms for authors, speakers, and online influencers. When she isn’t helping leaders kill it online, she can be found singing for Krystal Optiks, an aggressive synthpop band from Austin, TX with fans worldwide. The embodiment of, “multi-passionate entrepreneur,” Kristen seeks to be an anomaly by fully rocking out two businesses, and encourages other creatives to do the same.

Things we talk about on this episode: 

  • Role changes that come with scaling a business 
  • A couple ways to make money from your brand 
  • Setting hardline boundaries to find focus while making progress on multiple things at once 
  • Goal setting and making sacrifices while running two businesses 
  • Friendships and how to keep or shed relationship when you’re in seasons of building something (or two things at once!) 
  • Optimizing friendships and the science of making close relationships when you’re doing a million things 
  • How to balance our desires to “have everything at once” 
  • THE SECRET to being a multi-passionate entrepreneur (whaaaat?) 

Find out more about Kirsten Estes: 

Moon Walker Digital

Other things we talk about on this episode: 

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