In this episode we talk about:

  • What comes to mind when Kathlyn hears the label “Type A”
  • Her experience launching her first course
  • Kathlyn’s transition from The Bip Leap Show to Be Brave Get Paid
  • The importance of negotiating your paycheck & the freedom that it can give you and your creative business
  • The evolution of Kathlyn’s relationship with money
  • The “gamechanger” that completely altered her view on finances
  • Why you need to untangle your negative thoughts towards money
  • How Kathlyn was able to double her salary
  • The two big takeaways that we need to know about negotiation
  • Where and how to research salary statistics
  • The importance of uncovering your “badassity” and being confident in your strengths and skills
  • The common mistakes that women make when negotiating
  • Why women need to stand in their power in their negotiation conversations

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About Kathlyn:  

At 23 I found myself stuck in sweltering hot LA traffic going 0 miles an hour, living paycheck to paycheck, wondering WTF I was doing. Yes, I had a J.O.B., but was this the life I really wanted? Busting my ass at a job, getting paid less than I knew I was worth, dreaming of the life I really wanted. In a fierce combination of feeling underpaid, frustrated, and LITERALLY stuck, a fire within me was lit and my boiling points were reached. I realized I couldn’t just stay put any longer.  I needed to get out there and make my dream life happen.

To begin, I first learned to negotiate my salary. Doing so not only enabled me to earn more, but it also gave me the freedom to make big and bold decisions in my life, including…

  • Finding the courage to successfully switch careers from non-profit to software design
  • Saving over $16,000 to quit the 9-5 world after realizing the deep regret I would have if I never traveled
  • Starting my first business as a website designer and digital marketing consultant
  • Funding my dream of becoming a certified yoga teacher in India, getting my diving certification in Thailand, and roadtripping across the US
  • Launching The Big Leap Show Podcast, to amplify the stories of kickass, courageous women
  • And creating Be Brave Get Paid to help other women learn to negotiate their salary

All of these leaps would not have been possible, had I not first learned to negotiate my salary. That is why now, through coaching, speaking, and my podcast, I am on a mission to support women who are feeling stuck, frustrated and underpaid to learn to negotiate for the salary they deserve, so they too can create the life of their dreams!


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About The Type A Creative Podcast:

The Type A Creative is for those of us who feel like walking juxtapositions. You know who you are. You can balance spreadsheets just as easily as you can design a logo. Sometimes it’s a little disorienting because you’re a left-brain / right-brain blend that doesn’t always fit into the labels of “artist” or “numbers person.”

On the show we bring in fellow bosses, painters, creative directors, film makers, entrepreneurs, and writers — together we’re having conversations about what it is to be both Type A and Creative.

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