In this episode we talk about: 

  • How long you might need to start something big 
  • Kickstarter, and how Katarina set up her campaign to launch her magazine 
  • Recognizing which things you need to sprint on, and which things you need to have more of a marathon mentally 
  • Managing unexpected new things — like starting a family! 
  • Knowing which deadlines you can keep + which ones you can push 
  • Practical things you can do to keep you sane if you’re working + doing lots of things + have a family 
  • How to transitions in between all of the parts of your life while running a big project 


About Katarina: 

 Katarina Kovacevic is the founder and editor of RUBY, an online destination for women.  

 In her past, Katarina has been a writer-for-hire, a copywriting professional and content strategist. Her freelance writing has appeared in Destination Weddings & Honeymoons, USA Today, American Spa, Sunset and online at and 

 In April 2013, she founded RUBY, a website that publishes smart women-centric content with a mission to promote female camaraderie, support sisterhood and inspire women to make a difference in the world. 

 When she’s not leveraging her skills as a trained journalist and digital media expert, she’s a wife and mom on a mission to lead a simpler, more purposeful life. 

 I thought she would be a wonderful person to have come by the show to talk about her work as a freelance writer and her process of launching a magazine. I thought she could share more of what it’s been like to start a new big project, while still doing the freelance hustle.  


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