In this episode we talk about:

  • What Julianne thinks of when she hears “Type A”
  • The Kanzaki Method
  • Her background and how she started working with nutrition and wellness
  • How she knew when it was time to leave the clinical setting
  • Creative flow state and how Julianne incorporates that into her work
  • Her creative side flourishing after she left her clinical job
  • Julianne’s first 100 day project & her project this year
  • Common reactions, questions, and fears Julianne hears from her clients in regards to a plant-based diet
  • How she helps set her clients up for success in sticking with a plant-based diet
  • The benefits of a plant-based diets and when she first started following it
  • What Revitalize Dinners are
  • When Julianne first started training for triathlons and how she incorporates the triathlon training mindset into her program and her life
  • How she knew she wanted to perform spoken word
  • What Julianne would name her left brain

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About Julianne 

Julianne Kanzaki is a wellness architect, registered dietitian, and Founder of The Kanzaki Method™. Her signature wellness program fuses whole-food plant-based nutrition coaching, hiking sessions in nature, guided visualization and mindfulness to redesign health from the inside out. She’s thrilled to be working as a health coach at Facebook’s Life Wellness Center, and in her free time, you can find her creating handmade cards, painting, and exploring in nature where she is constantly inspired. She is notoriously bad at math and directions, but is dependably known for having good snacks, making you laugh, and capturing adventures on her GoPro.


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About The Type A Creative Podcast:

The Type A Creative is for those of us who feel like walking juxtapositions. You know who you are. You can balance spreadsheets just as easily as you can design a logo. Sometimes it’s a little disorienting because you’re a left-brain / right-brain blend that doesn’t always fit into the labels of “artist” or “numbers person.”

On the show we bring in fellow bosses, painters, creative directors, film makers, entrepreneurs, and writers — together we’re having conversations about what it is to be both Type A and Creative.

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