Pitching your work as a creative is one of the hardest parts. Today on the show I have stunt actors and performers, Jason Brown and Autumn Thomas, talking about what it is to be an artist that is making their living through their performance art, pitching themselves, and what it’s like to be a working artist.

On this episode we cover:

– pitching your work, when YOU are the work
– the tenacity it takes to be a working artist
– the subjectivity of getting work accepted or landing parts
– things that a Type A Creative should know if they want a successful art career

Autumn Melody Thomas

Autumn is a powerhouse performer — she’s a vocalist, a dancer, a classically trained pianist, an aerialist, and actor on both TV and film. She performed acrobatics in popular stunt shows, headlined entertainment on cruise ships, toured both nationally and internationally with world renowned performance companies.
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Jason Brown is a stunt actor and performer. Jason has performed at popular Southern California theme parks, themed entertainment, dinner theaters, as well as local performance companies. Jason is also working on writing for entertainment companies in addition to performing in their shows.
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