In this episode we talk about: 

  • Using WRITING as your money maker to fund your dreams 
  • Launching an enormous vision and the tactical on-the-ground facts from someone in the trenches 
  • Taking financial risks to support your vision 
  • Pitching big companies to land retainers 
  • The power of words and how they can physically bring things into being 


About Heather:

Heather Born Elkins is an East Coast writer based out of L.A.  She’s currently writing for major brands by helping them bring big voice and life to their communications.  

And while she’s a very talented writer, it’s not the only thing she has up her sleeve.  Her passion is launching what will be a huge brand — Hiya Tootsie. Currently, Hiya Tootsie is a courage-infusing brand that’s bold and relatable and has a passion for creating products that make women feel kick ass. She’s started with her signature perfume, Candy Ass, and Heather has a dream of seeing Candy Ass inspire women all over the world. She looks forward to expanding her brand into a line of lingerie, statement necklaces, shoes, cosmetics – you name it! 

She penned the original Broadifesto, a rally cry for women to go hard after their dreams, and can be easily recognized by her signature “rock and roll in pearls” style, attitude, and outlook on life. 

When she’s not clacking away on a keyboard, she’d just as soon read some poetry, wail along with Tom Waits, and call it a day. 


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