In this episode we talk about: 

  • What are the four phases of the moon and how exactly do they affect Type As? 
  • When in the moon phases should Type As relax, step back, and tap into other sides of yourself 
  • When Type As tend to meet their inner demons in the creative process, and how to check-in, be present and keep going 
  • How to drop-in to really engage with the limbic centers of the brain and connect more deeply 
  • Being a Type A and asking for help 


About Ezzie:

Ezzie Spencer wants people to flourish. She trained as a lawyer, worked in government and nonprofit sectors, and earned her PhD in womens wellbeing and justice after violence. While looking into her own self-care, she developed Lunar Abundance, which has reaped results for many women, through Ezzie’s one-on-one coaching sessions and the support of a flourishing online community. Ezzie lives in Sydney, Australia. 


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