In this episode we talk about: 

  • Creative State of the Union: we check in with BFFs Emily Holmes and Jackie Dodson to talk about what we are working on creatively, where we are stuck, and the projects we wish we were working on.   
  • Creative Diet: we share things creative things that we are consuming that are inspiring us in our creative practice.   
  • Goal Setting + Accountability: we each choose 1 thing we can creatively work on for the next few weeks, and you can choose to be accountable right along with us.  

Mentioned in this Episode:  

About Jackie Dodson:  

Jackie is a career Accountant who has recently discovered her inner-artist (or as we like to call it, she’s a surprise artist). Her journey of self-discovery has been an invitation to embrace her true, beautiful self.  

She has worked as a Finance Specialist for Cru for 9 years and became a CPA in 2011. In 2017 she started Letter Loving Designs, a shop where she sells her beautiful hand-lettered objects as well as teaching hand-lettering workshops so others can learn to be creative too.  

She loves to laugh and will do almost anything for Oreos and ice cream. Jackie lives in Orlando FL with her husband, John, and 3 kids – Olivia (5), JT (3) and Ethan (2). 

Connect with Jackie:

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About Emily Holmes: 

Emily Holmes is a writer, knitter, and comedian.  She’s spent years perfecting the art of putting on makeup, creating the most delectable dishes for a dinner party, and curating a living room full of curiosities that would inspire the most avid of collectors.  

When she’s not making other people laugh, she’s scheming her next project to use her creative skills for good while snuggling with her gigantic dog Lily. 

Connect with Emily:

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