In this episode we talk about:

  • Leaving a corporate job for a fine art education  
  • Who to take your new creations to, and how to trust people with your art 
  • Getting critiques and how to handle new feedback on your work  
  • The things outside of “the work” that are involved in being a fine artist 
  • Marketing and sales tactic for the 
  • Commission work, how to get it, and how fine artist think about it 
  • The seesaw between the right and left brain, intuition and critical thinking when it comes to fine art and painting 
  • Similarities between writing and painting when it comes to fine art 


Mentioned In This Episode:

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About Chole:  

Born and raised in Nashville, TN, Chloé Meyer currently lives and works in San Francisco, CA.  Her color palette reflects her Southern upbringing filtered through a California lens.  This unique perspective is evident in her love of brilliant color.  Meyer came to San Francisco to pursue a career in fashion and ultimately left the corporate world to earn her fine arts education from City College of San Francisco and San Francisco Studio School. 


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