When it comes to being an entrepreneur and an artist, being wildly responsible doesn’t seem to be the FIRST thing that comes to mind. Yet, so many of the successful art businesses out there depend on some very sound structures to keep the business moving forward. This week artist Cathy Zhang, is on the show talking about taking responsible risks, opportunity costs, and how being a starving artist can be a myth and not something that actually happens to you: 


On this episode we talk about:  

  • The internal resistance that we give ourselves before trying our creative ventures. 
  • Taking responsible risks 
  • Imposter syndrome vs being a fraud 
  • What it looks like to be a very responsible and reasonable risk taker 
  • How to create a system that can uphold the costs of your life, so you can pursue your art 
  • What is opportunity cost, and how it can be a real jerk when it comes to sitting down and actually doing your creative work 
  • The myth of the starving artist, and what it’s really like to be making and selling your art 


Other Things on this Episode:

Chris Guillebeau (Side Hustle Book) 


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