In this episode we talk about: 

  • What is data visualization and why most companies need to do more of it 
  • The fusion of data and art, and how you can actually have both 
  • How to bring more visual practices into the work that you do 
  • How to breathe life into presentations without using PowerPoints 
  • Our visions for what it means to be “creative” vs. all the possible ways it can look 
  • How earning trust can get you the creative freedom that you really crave  
  • How to get started with some basic data visualization tools to get your “non-creative” clients on board 

Mentions in the show 


About Cat Madden 

Catherine Madden is the founder of Relay — which is a design studio based in San Francisco that specializes in helping clients visualize and communicate data. Her approach is super exploratory and involves a LOT of doodling, but it is based on a foundation of experience in design thinking, data visualization consulting, and visual facilitation.  She does strategic storytelling, graphic recording for private clients, as well as classes and teaches students wanting to develop their visual skills. 


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