Caroline Donahue is a Book + Writing Coach who helps authors stop waiting and start writing. She’s also the host of The Secret Library podcast, where she has interviewed over 70 writers about writing and publishing their books. She’s also working on her first novel herself, so she’s no stranger to what it can feel like to be overwhelmed by the scope and ambition of a project. Between her coaching, her podcast, and her own book, she’s the perfect person to geek out with about the creative process, what gets people stuck when it comes to making work, and how to stop putting it off and just get your work out there already.  

On this episode we talk about: 

  • The biggest pitfalls that writers have in their creative process that keeps them from getting their books done 
  • Questions you can ask your characters to deepen your structure around your book 
  • Outlining your novel or memoir — yay or nay? 
  • How your Type A-ness can really help you get that book written 
  • Carving out time when you have 4 jobs and want to write a book 
  • Meaningful measurements vs. milestones that we expect of ourselves 
  • Growth mindset and how that can make or break you as a writer 
  • Using your voice as an artist and how podcast is different from writing 

About Caroline Donahue:  

Caroline Donahue is many things— she’s  a Book + Writing Coach who creates safe, and supportive communities for writers who are scared, but ready to take their writing seriously or to call themselves a writer without squirming.  

She’s the host of the The Secret Library podcast, which is a fabulous podcast about writing and publishing books. She dives deep some great authors on their work, process, and the publication stories around their books.  

And of course, she’s a writer herself who is currently at work on her first novel.  

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