This week on The Type A Creative Podcast I have Caitlin Horton of Horton Brand Strategy. Caitlin is a through and through strategist who rarely does things without an ROI in mind. But Caitlin is also a very successful author, who has published a book outside of her brand strategy studio.

In this episode we talk about: 

  • when and how to apply goals to your passion projects
  • what it feels like to see stacks of books in your house that you have to sell
  • self-publishing vs. going with a publisher
  • paying to make a creative project when you can’t get paid to make something


About Caitlin Horton:

Caitlin is a brand designer and business strategist for entrepreneurs, community builders, and creative professionals who want to grow thoughtfully and strategically. Her signature process the Landmark Method is how she works alongside serious business owners to create a strong brand with a clear message, a robust marketing plan, or a strategic business plan. Her carefully crafted methodology provides you with the essential insights and tools you need to grow your business online and offline.

Working with Caitlin is for you if you’re looking for guidance and support in an organized, methodical, and no-fluff way that both teaches and empowers you. Go to to sign up for her free course, the 30 Day Focused Brand Challenge which will help you tie up the loose ends of your brand so you can prove your value and attract more customers

Caitlin is also the author of Memphis Type History: Signs and Stories from Just Around the Corner, which recently inspired a podcast that she hosts with her friend and Memphis Type History collaborator Rebecca Phillips. You can find it on iTunes, your favorite podcast player, and

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