In this episode we talk about: 

  • Tapping into the creative flow, and knowing how to be consistent when it comes showing up and doing the work 
  • Burning Type A, and finding your own edge as a creative person and as a freelancer 
  • How much do we crack the whip for ourselves? 
  • What is the benefit of creating space for yourself? 
  • Creative partnership and the structure that partners can bring to a creative business 
  • How to distill a framework for telling strategic storytelling with heart centeredness and the essence of a character-driven narrative 
  • Growing beyond a project and what it means to hold a project for years and years and years 
  • Shiping it, letting it be ok that it has constraint and just get it other there 

About Ben:

Ben is a storyteller and artist committed to amplifying the best of humanity by capturing powerful stories that expand our notion of what is possible.

 In December of 2016, he debuted his independent film, Crossing Bhutan, which tells the story of a human-powered journey across Bhutan to explore the Himalayan Kingdom’s unique policy of Gross National Happiness. The film was in the “official selection” at the Santa Barbara Film festival, named “best of weekend” as well as being PICKED FOR numerous national and international film festivals including the ESALEN INSPIRATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, Nevada City, Iran, DC Environmental Film Festival, San Diego and Sarasota film festivals.  

For the last decade, Ben has worked as s a Director, Ben has both co-owned and owned his own film production companies including Micro-Documentaries, A+B Films, as well as his own Studio,  Between these groups crafting he’s created hundreds of powerful films for organizations such as The Clinton Global Initiative, TED, Google, Microsoft, Cisco & Bono’s Project (RED) to name a few. His films have been screened on national television, for world leaders at Carnegie Hall & and have been used to help pass legislation, raise funds to feed a million children. He’s developed his signature storytelling framework, enabled dozens of filmmakers around the world to craft more than 2,000 films aimed at advancing human values He has regularly speaks and conducts workshops on storytelling at venues such as SXSW, Stanford, the Esalen Institute & TEDx. 

Ben seeks to capture everyday heroes in ordinary places in the slums of Haiti, India, and South Africa, as well as icons & visionaries like Imogen Heap, Dalai Llama & the Prime Minister of Bhutan.  

He approaches his work all with the same intention – to unearth authentic and inspiring stories that transform our lives and the world. 


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